Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Our fabulous cook Meryl

With 8 hungry men in a busy monastery providing meals can become a full time job. A gifted friar will have to cook sometimes, for example on weekends and when the cook is sick, but most evening meals are prepared by our delightful Dominican (that's from the Island of Dominica, not the religious order of the same name) cook from the Spice Islands, Miss Meryl. She is amazingly versatile and can improvise from any scraps in the refrigerator. Her speciality is fish and I'd like to add sauces. In the last 6 months she has come down with all sorts of illnesses and yet she comes back, alive and happy as ever to whip up a dinner for us. Her inviting smile is as fantastic as her spiced dishes! May Miss Meryl be blessed with great happiness, joy, perfect health and a lively faith, the rest of her life and may Our Lady and Lord reward her abundantly for her dedicated service to the monastery. Thank you Meryl, I'll miss you in novitiate!


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