Friday, July 9, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Arrived at Novitiate...

First moments after doing the usual greetings I take a prayer walk to check out the vast 56 acres of contemplative acreage. The blazing hot temperature and humidity was undaunting, so enthusiastic at being here. A curious kid doesn't stop to worry about bug bites and toe slams. Arriving back to the mansion I noticed the doors were all locked. Walking around the problem I noticed an escape ladder coming down from the 2nd floor, looked around, then zipped up and pushed my way into the door on the roof landing. Expecting a burglar's welcome, I was surprised Br. Martin hardly lifted his head while working on his jigsaw puzzle. He mumbled something...about a bear maybe...I can't remember now. I thought I'd escaped that one without a scratch...I'm in!


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