Monday, August 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon First book report of novitiate

Better said, we have a spiritual book report due on the novice masters choice of books. This month it was Called to Communion: Understanding the Church Today by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. Here are some quotes that stood out for me:

"New Testament as a whole strikingly demonstrates the primacy of Peter; we have seen that the formative development of tradition and of the Church supposed the continuation of Peter's authority in Rome as an intrinsic condition. The Roman primacy is not an invention of the popes, but an essential element of ecclesial unity that goes back to the Lord and was developed faithfully in the nascent Church." pg. 72.

In reference to St. Peter's primacy...

"The men in question (apostles) are so glaringly, so blatantly unequal to this function that the very empowerment of man to be the rock makes evident how little it is they who sustain the Church but God alone who does so, who does so more in spite of men than through them." pg. 73.

"The reconciliation with God that the Eucharist offers always demands reconciliation with one's brother as a prior condition (Matt: 5:23)" pg. 79.

"What is great and liberating about the Church is not something man-made but the gift that is given to us all. This gift is not the product of our own will and invention but precedes us and comes to meet us as the incomprehensible reality that is "greater than our heart" (1 John 3:20)" pg. 140.


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