Friday, August 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Called to Communion

My monthly book report is coming due at the end of August so I'm starting to piece together my paper, despite my occasional blocks. Here are some notable quotes from our beloved Pope Benedict XVI, writing as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger:

"Morality retains its seriousness only where there is forgiveness--real forgiveness ensured by authority; otherwise it lapses back into the pure empty conditional." pg. 151

"He who loves desires to know." pg. 130

"If loving Christ implies getting to know him, it follows that the willingness to undertake committed and careful study is a sign of the seriousness of one's vocation ad of the earnest inward search for intimacy with him." pg. 130

"...throughout her history, the Church will have to apply constant care that an excess of human structures does not disguise her authentic spiritual center." pg. 94


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