Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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The novitiate reading involves a lot of articles and books about the origins of religious life, which of course is Jesus Himself and trying to closely live out the gospel. The reason consecrated life, the more correct term, seems at times to be irrelevant is the encroachment of the pagan world, a place where we all live. We all have to deal with the present moment we find ourselves and to find a way to communicate the gospel to those who are deepest estranged from living the gospel message. Mercedarians are particularly focused on redeeming those in captivity, whatever form that captivity may take. Consecrated life blossoms from families and people of faith, though not necessarily Catholic, yet none-the-less. God calls, no matter your situation, but it helps if you have the disposition to hear it because a family is already prayerful and open to different vocations. As you can read in this picture, "hearing the message" is often more about being disposed, quiet enough to hear it, and observant enough to see how it is manifesting itself over time. Do you want to live the gospel as close a possible? Do you have a desire to give yourself whole-heartedly to Jesus and Mary? Do you want to do great things for God? Have attempts at dating and married life gone awry, despite your best efforts? Do you have a great desire to be a martyr for the faith, or be heroic in saving souls? Maybe you have a vocation to be a consecrated religious?

Consider asking Jesus and Mary to give you the grace to see, understand, know and feel what your true vocation is. Ask Our Lady to grant you the grace to see the fruits of your vocation and know your vocation you've had your whole life. God doesn't make mistakes, we do. So we have to detach ourselves from sin and vice of all sorts and ask Jesus to show us how to see and then see the way He wants us to see so that we can find our true vocation. It worked for me, it can work for you. Peace and blessed discernment to all those who seek the true vocation of their life.


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