Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Witness of confession

One of the habits my friends and I had back home was weekly visits to the confessional. Unbeknownst to me prior to my reversion, a regular habit of confession gives your soul spiritual strength to overcome even the most difficult faults. There were times I would need to go several days in a row until I gained the grace to overcome. I truly admire my friends back home who have been so instrumental and supportive in reminding me to go to confession. It is a special person who has the courage to invite you to go to confession. So I was impressed when a Mercedarian priest asked if I'd like to go to confession at a downtown parish. What a beautiful way of humbly expressing our faith! You don't hear about the faithful going to confession enough, and it is nearly unheard of, that a priest goes to confession, much less ask if you'd like to go too. Later I found out this is a regular practice with the Mercedarian friars. This witness touched my heart! Here was another reason I wanted to be a part of this order; meekness, courage and humility. They aren't afraid to admit their wrongs and do something about it. I hope others are inspired to follow this example too. Jesus and Mary give us holy priests, religious and lay faithful!


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