Monday, July 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Angels and Saints

I'm real proud of these shots from last night. Perhaps this is God's way of making things better after a little bout of loneliness. Working an hour a day at dusk is my usual photo vacation. We have purple skies up here in LeRoy, which is a surprise for me because I've always wanted to have that kind of sky. They are so inspiring. Back in Seattle, they'd go out on the Oregon coast and find skies that like, whether they used a filter or not, I'll never know, but it really is captivating. I love color, so now I have finally found least occasionally. The silhouetted angels have a real apocalyptic look to them as they look forward to the setting sun, which may looking like the rising sun. As far as the saint statues, it is interesting to note that some religious imagery speak of saints as starts (e.g. Jesus being the Sun, Mary the moon because she reflects the Sun, and saints being the stars) so now putting a star on a saint makes sense. How will I get the Sun and the Moon and statues of Jesus and Mary? Argh...gerr...scratching head!


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