Friday, July 9, 2010

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It was great to see all the brothers appear for the renewal of vows of the simply professed and the vesting. I had a first visit with Br. Scott, who was in Rome while I was in Philadelphia for my postulancy. Blessings on your studies Br. Scott!

Getting used to the habit...3 extra layers of clothes...sometimes 5 if you have a collar underneath, but remarkably cooler than normal clothes if you are dressing up. I've stepped on the scapular a few times and spooked a few folks with my hood and a bulging eyeball. Paper shredders are definitely a nightmare disaster waiting to happen. Wind blows the capuche (hood and shoulder piece) all over the place, so that you never see you feet. I have 2 extra pockets and for those you know I love pockets, will provide more room for prayer cards and Mercedarian paraphenalia for evangelization on the fly. Restroom breaks are a bit complicated...glad I have a year to adjust to that. A whole new reason to cut the rations at the feed trough...ahem...table. Temperance and mortification never found a better place.

The grounds here are lovely, well groomed and interspersed with white devotion statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints. They even have a little bridge in the middle of the woods over a brook, made hardly, and probably capable of withstanding class 5 rapids and hurricane winds.

Big thanks to all those who have been involved in making the steps thus far, principally Fr. Joseph Eddy, fellow Mercedarians and the great intercessory support that give of themselves for my welfare and the Church, may they be rewarded generously!

Look forward to seeing the sisters, brothers and priests in Philly when I come back next year. Thanks for the habit cleaning...I can smell your fabric softener way all the way up here!


Caedmon said...


It's a learning experience getting accustomed to wearing the Habit. Be well, Brother Patrick!

Michael said...

HAHAHAHA! Patrick, your killing me man! =)

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