Sunday, July 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Story of a Mercedarian Martyr

One of the important aspects of a novitiate is reading the history of the order. I love to read about the lives of the saints. Here is a quote from Mercedarian history:

"At the General Chapter held in 1247, in Taragona, Peter of Saint Denis, a French priest, and Bernardo de Pradas, a noble Catalan, were appointed redeemers. In that same year, both religious went to Tunis where they ransomed 209 captives. However, since they did not have the money to liberate others in great need of being redeemed, Brother Bernardo returned to Spain with the former captives while Brother Peter stayed behind in Africa to comfort the unfortunate and to avoid their renouncing their faith. he accomplished his mission with such enthusiasm and zeal that infuriated the Moslems arrested him, mistreated him and beating him through the whole city, they took him outside the walls and beheaded him. His body was thrown into a bonfire.

--------------The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy 1218-1992 a Historical Synthesis, pg. 39.


Anonymous said...

Br. Patrick,
Somewhere at Mercygrove is an OLD "ordo" of the Order (now that's a mouthful). Inside there is a listing of ALL the "saints" and "blesseds" of the Order - -there must be more than 100.... It is a fascinating to see and to read the grace-filled history of our Order. A history all for the greater glory of God and the honor of His Most Holy Mother!

Fra. David

Michael said...

OOH! You will have to tell me when you find this "Ordo" patrick.. take some pics of it and upload them.

Patrick said...

Ok, I'll ask Fr. Eugene if he can find it for me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if there is a book all about the Mercedarian Saints

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