Friday, July 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon St. Maximus early Christian martyr

"From the time that he entered the monastic life in 613, St. Maximus spent most of his time in the defense of orthodox doctrine against the heretics, frequently moving from one monastery to another because of persecution. Ultimately he was arrested in Rome, together with Pope Martin I, and sent into exile. In 662 he was again in Constantinople, where the heretics condemned him to be scourged and to have his tongue and his right hand cut off. He dies in that same year as a result of his sufferings."------Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition, Jordan Aumann 1985, pg. 55.

Imagine spending your entire life defending the faith...perhaps we aren't as faithful as we should be to the faith of our fathers, to the true faith passed, cherished and protected by the Holy Spirit? May the whole world have a such a flame of love for Christ to spend their lives living, defending and spreading the faith.

What stands out about St. Maximus's writings is his complete focus on Christ.

"...Having defended orthodox Christology against the heretics, he was thoroughly imbued with love for the Savior. He saw Christ not only as the meritorious cause of our salvation but also the exemplary cause, for which reason the great law of the Christian life is the imitation of Christ. By imitating Christ, the soul can achieve victory over the enemies of the spiritual life, the greatest of which is self-love. This involves a detachment from created things and one's own selfish desires so that egoistic love can be replaced by the love of God and neighbor."------pg. 56.


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