Saturday, July 10, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Rite of Initiation at the beginning of the Novitiate

Vicar Fr. Richard Rasche, O. de M. says to me, "Dear son what do you ask of us?"

I respond, "That you allow me to share in the experience of your religious life for a certain time, that you evaluate my suitability and that I may deserve to be allowed to follow Christ in the Mercedarian Order, in which I desire to be made a son of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

Vicar responds, "May the Lord help you fulfill this desire"

I answer, "Amen."

Vicar: "Dear brother what do you ask of God and His Holy Church?"

Postulant (Patrick): "Prompted by God's Mercy I wish to share your religious life; teach me to follow Christ the Redeemer and to imitate Mary, Our Mother, and Saint Peter Nolasco; to live chastity, poverty and obedience, to practice charity for the suffering, to be constant in prayer and to practice penance, to be of one heart and soul with you; help me to follow the demands of the gospel at all times. I will learn your Rule and your Constitutions and I will observe the precept of fraternal love."

Vicar: "May the Lord help you with His grace and guide you on the paths of justice and holiness.

Postulant: "Amen."

After the readings, the superior speaks to the community and the postulant about the nature of religious life and the specific characteristics of our Order, or reads an appropriate chapter from the Rule or the Constitutions.

After that postulant approaches the vicar who confers the shield of the Order on him, saying:

Receive the shield of the Order as a sign of your being admitted to share our religious life; may the Virgin Mary, our Mother, help you with her maternal protection and may Saint Peter Nolasco, our Father, be your model and guide so that you may fully realize your desires.

Postulant: "Amen."


Michael said...

Congratulations Br.. May Our Lord and Our Dear Mother watch over and guide you in your journey this year and the many years to come!

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