Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon First day at the nursing home

Just got back from my apostolate at the county nursing home. I had my fears, but today was great! The manager grilled burgers and delicious hotdogs for everybody and a long row of residents made conversation to the new guy in white while we enjoyed the splendid weather. Thanks Jim and Sue for giving me something to talk about. God bless you and may Jesus give you perfect and long health!

I'll be going all day on Tuesdays and visiting all the catholic residents, who I'd count to be about 75 total on 5 floors. That's a lot of people, so I expect to start offering prayers and sacrifices for them as well as developing a regular schedule to meet them at least once in the next month.

The cooking there is terrific! I can't gripe about this government food. Well, you know how comparisons get you in trouble, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

I had lots of great encouraging conversations and opportunities to hear the troubles where prayer is needed. So many sweet elderly people and plenty of good natured humor and grumpiness too. Look forward to going back next week. Great staff too...gosh, can this be that good? More human reality next week. May they be blessed with great care and holiness!


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