Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Prayers going out to all people

We pray the Liturgy of the Hours as Mercedarians, morning prayer as well as a morning offering and devotional prayers, midday prayers which include the Divine Praises, Evening prayer with the Rosary and Night prayer and office of readings. For all of these prayers, I offer them for somebody, something or the world. So know that if there is anybody who is in need of prayers, here I am everyday praying. If you have a petition, by all means let me know. You can email me or leave me a message in Facebook. Peace and blessings to you. I regularly have prayers on my hear that I offer. Peace and may the whole world be on fire for the love of prayer to heaven.


ruth said...

Very nice pictures! I really, really like them there look real like I can almost touch them.

Patrick said...

Wonderful! Thank you for leaving comments and finding the beauty in them. I hope you come back and see them again and again! May God bless your every viewing of them!

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