Thursday, July 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Running the schedule

Br. Martin is preparing for his vacation and is whistling behind me with much glory and jubilation. The rains have stopped and we have a beautiful sunny day this morning which will involve an hour of work outside today. Perhaps I will have more power trimming around the trees. Fr. Eugene said mass this morning at St. Joseph parish church. About 10 daily communicants were there and the sisters. I have class at 9am and need to finish reading Dei Verbum and start writing a paper on my spiritual take on Ratzinger's book about church in communion. Today is my laundry day too, which means I'll be scrubbing the habit for the first time...lots of soaking and simple soap. I need a teflon coat for our habits to resist stains. Ideas anybody?

Peace and blessings to your day...


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